Votre équipe

From the moment he became a real estate broker in 2005, Roger Vassallo saw results. That’s because he has always surrounded himself with the best and his thirst for learning is insatiable.

In 2011, Roger headed to Texas with a group of exclusive real estate brokers and professionals to import Keller Williams, the world’s largest and most revolutionary agency.

Quebec’s first KW agency opened its doors in Montreal in 2013. This same group now forms the founding partners and shareholders of KW Urbain. Their mission? To take the entire industry further for the benefit of Quebec buyers and sellers.

Roger Vassallo has always surrounded himself with the best. Which is why his team is growing stronger and more confident each and every year.

The newest member to the group? You!

Roger Vassallo

Roger Vassallo

Roger est Courtier Immobilier Agréé, DA (dirigeant d’agence) et actionnaire de 2 agences immobilières. Roger possède une vaste expérience dans l’achat et la vente d’immeubles à revenu, l’optimisation, le financement, les prêts privés, etc.


Lucine Erdogan

Lucine possède à la fois des permis résidentiel et commercial et a fait ses preuves tant du côté de l’achat que de la vente avec plusieurs années d’expérience en tant qu’agent principal au sein d’équipes performantes.