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From the moment he became a real estate broker in 2005, Roger Vassallo saw results. That’s because he has always surrounded himself with the best and his thirst for learning is insatiable.

In 2011, Roger headed to Texas with a group of exclusive real estate brokers and professionals to import Keller Williams, the world’s largest and most revolutionary agency.

Quebec’s first KW agency opened its doors in Montreal in 2013. This same group now forms the founding partners and shareholders of KW Urbain. Their mission? To take the entire industry further for the benefit of Quebec buyers and sellers.

Roger Vassallo has always surrounded himself with the best. Which is why his team is growing stronger and more confident each and every year.

The newest member to the group? You!

Roger Vassallo

Roger Vassallo, B.A., Certified real estate broker, AEO
President and Director for Commercial sales and acquisitions

President and founder of the Votre Equipe team, Roger is a certified real estate broker, AEO (Agency Executive Officer) with a real estate license in operation since 2005. With previous success in finance and a role in the federal government, Roger also holds a B.A. as a graduate of Concordia University and is himself a seasoned real estate investor.

Specializing in the commercial real estate market, Roger relies on his strong negotiating skills as well as a vast network of contacts anchored on values of fairness and integrity to deliver results to his clients. Having built a reputation for result-driven action, his expertise in real estate investments and private financing has him unequivocally regarded in the industry as a name for portfolio and estate building.

Roger is a shareholder at Keller Williams Urbain and Connexion real estate agencies and one of the founding partners who brought KW to Quebec, the largest real estate agency in the world.

As a broker, he has been recognized as a member of the Associate Leadership Council for a number of years and has been listed countless times in the KW Canada top 25.


Lucine Erdogan, B Comm, Real estate broker
Director for Residential Sales and acquisitions

A high achiever since childhood, Lucine has always been setting the bar high for everyone around her. Holding a Bachelor of Commerce from the John Molson School of Business, coupled with her previous managerial positions, this experience has made her a mogul in the most productive mega-teams.

A licensed broker since 2009, her strong leadership skills, high level of service and attention to detail led her to the position of Director of Residential Sales and Acquisitions for Votre Équipe Immobilier. Throughout this time, she maintained the humble and human touch that allowed her to earn and retain the loyalty of the families who have entrusted her to meet their most important life needs: a home. This foundation of confidence allowed Lucine to deliver incredible sales numbers while expanding her credentials by being selected as a member of the Associate Leadership Council of KW Urbain and holding a place in the agency's top 20%.

Philip B. Lassman, MBA, RPA

Philip B. Lassman, MBA, RPA
Commercial Real Estate Broker

A Real Estate License holder since 2010, Philip is a firm believer in taking a humanistic approach to listening and understanding what matters to people. From identification to the eventual exit, Philip believes that being client-centric is the cornerstone of creating strong relationships and high-value investment performance. Years of experience at major commercial and industrial real estate investment and management corporations have made Philip an indispensable asset in identifying value-add properties.

A tenacious deal-maker with an easy demeanour, uncompromising integrity, and high social intelligence, Philip is a strong numbers guy with sharp instincts and creative ideas to unlock unrealized value. Philip's continuous engagement and empathy, along with a strong analytical sense, go hand in hand with Votre Equipe Commercial's commitment to providing expertise, quality service and know-how when tackling your investment and business needs.

Justin Weis-Heitner

Justin Weis-Heitner
Commercial Real Estate Broker

Following his studies at Concordia University, Justin acquired experience in entrepreneurial ventures and commercial real estate along with past endeavours in sales and marketing which have helped him transition into business co-ownership when he opened a successful restaurant in the South West of Montreal. This passion for the retail sector allowed him to pursue real estate activities for other businesses in the commercial, retail and industrial space, whilst obtaining his real estate license in 2018.

His experience made him sought after by commercial and investment brokerages and, having gone through the whole business process, it was only natural for him to leverage this knowledge into helping investors optimize their multi-family assets. Justin's continuous growth in the industry goes hand in hand with Votre Equipe Commercial's commitment to providing expertise, quality service and know-how when tackling your investment and business needs.

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